Friday, April 27, 2012

i am as who am i

lately i lost something...
lost somthing that its so good for me..
im start to forget it..
but suddenly i get something that make me stronger day by day..
its hard for me to accept it but ive go through with this...

thanx for u for always be with me..
how stupid i am,
how bad i am,
how clumsy i am,
u accept me as i am..

yes i know there's nothing i have to worry about..
because u said that u always be with me...
n YEAH!! im trust in you..
not a trust as i said before..
but the new trustness from me...
i hope u also wanna keep what u have saying before..

now without u im lost,
still lost..
u are the strange for me to keep  moving on this life..


for understand me,
for helping me,
for love me as i am,
for your trust,
for be by my side,
mimie <3