Saturday, November 5, 2011

6 november 2011~slalu 2 in esok 3 in 1....~waaaaaaaaaah

salam~okeh...act 6 november esok adelah hari yg paling meriah~
1-raye aidiladha~to all muslim in the world~happy eid'ul adha~semoge sume jemaah haji pulang dgn selamat~selalunye hari raye haji before neh mmg blik kg jer....slalunye raye haji akan meriah bile kt kelantan n tranu jerrr.....

2-happy anniversary our oppa~SUPER JUNIOR THE LAST MAN STANDING~
happy 6th anniversary...

Park Jungsu~thanx for be an AWESOME leader for SUPER JUNIOR and for E.L.F .reallyappriciate~wish u the best for ur enlisting into army next year~please stay health and take care~love u oppa~

Kim Jong Woon~u are my 1st bias..ur voice of arts very encourage me to do something more better.u r juz a simple person n always cheer me up when i feel down~thanx for come into my life~saranghae oppa..yeongwonhi~

Kim Ryeowook~u such a adorable external ur voice and i like u because u r full with love...

Kim Young Woon~u r such a strong person and ur mouth cant stop talking about the secret of other member..

Kim Heechul~most pretiest person in sj~u are so amazing when you become a LADY HEE..omoooo..u also such a weird person~always think about popularity~

Lee Hyukjae~a super duper dancing machine~ur gummy smile make me happy whenever im looking at you~always in love with donghae

Lee Sungmin~u r the most talented person in sj~ur skill ,ur smile,ur kind hearted...arghhh....the cutest member EVER~~~

Lee Donghae~the fishy~make a lot of fan girl like u....u are the most top member in sj have a lot of attention from ELF after kyu~

Choi Siwon~ur gesture,ur 6pack~wah....killer smile and the horssie~

Shin Donghee~most talented person~main dancer although have a chubby body~but now..u are so handsome ~ur weight....omooo speechless~

Cho Kyuhyun~evil magnae~wah.......u r so in love with ELF...and ELF love u n never let you go even u r involve in every accident..thats show that we are love u sooo much.....

**Kim Kibum & Hangeng~even u r not in sj activity~in our ELF heart...u still in a special place<3

{Henry & zhuomi}thanx for ur talent n for completing Suju M!!u really work u so muchhhhh....

3-seagil chukae mimi ..u r ow 21 years old...u cant act childish anymore~but u r still ELF n MUSLIM FOrever!!!!!!!!!